Welcome to our remarkable new line of 1080P capable AVT/PI High Definition digital , world class Interview Room Recording Systems website.  Our systems are stand alone or IP based and ready for your departmental network.

Our base and custom systems are a perfect fit for both small and large law enforcement agencies.

We can tailor our systems to meet your departmental needs now and into the future.  

High Definition Digital police interview room recording systems will soon dominate the Law Enforcement market.  Now is the perfect time to transition to one of our digital systems.   Our digital systems provide a superb platform for the recording of criminal interviews, witness statements, depositions, "UCO" debriefings, "CI" debriefings, child advocacy interviews, "HR" interviews, etc.

Our intuitive menu driven system is very simple to navigate. You needn't be an IT expert to successfully create a high quality interview recording. Standard features are highlighted by a simple three button operation and QWERTY keyboard functionality, offering the best of both worlds.

Every step of our drill down menu driven platform is easy to understand and is explained with concise user instructions.  The help menu will always ensure the user generates a professional, high quality recording.  




AVT/PI Recorders guarantees to beat any written quote on any equivalent interview recording system or product from any North American manufacturer.




We are so confident in our product's design and stability that we offer a comprehensive life-time warranty on our systems operational code.  We back this with a substantial parts and labor warranty.  As code updates become available we will offer these to our clients at no charge for the life of your system(s).   We do everything in our power to ensure that our equipment is "future proof" and that it's design will allow future modification and upgrades as technology changes.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific issue.

Email us  or use our ( preferred ) contact form. 

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