Before you expend a great deal of time researching Interview Room Systems we suggest that you look through the following Q & A's to help you decide on a system appropriate for your needs.


Q:  Are we purchasing an inflexible, non-upgradeable interview room system that won't meet future technical requirements.

Q:  To manage our budget in a prudent manner what system would offer the most cost effective solution to meet our current and future needs.

Q:  Should we purchase a system that will interface with our current analogue camera and microphones that are still in great working condition, but will be upgradeable in the future.

Q:  Do we require/need/want network based camera, microphone combinations or HDMI High Definition recording in the future.

Q:  Are we looking for an integrated system that is easy to use and requires only a minimal amount of operator training.

Q:  How secure will the recording be and will it be tamper proof.  

Q:  Does the system offer a non eraseable evidenciary chain of possession marking system.

Q:  What system offers the same functionality in a portable system for use with mobile command posts, tactical requirements and remote, temporary office interviews.

Q:  We are looking for a covert surveillance platform that can record for periods up to 7 days and make identical secure copies.  What systems provide this functionality.

Q:  We are planning on streaming interviews to an interview data base/server in the future.  What systems can I find to meet our future interview recording needs.

Q:  What level of support does the manufacturer of the system provide.

Q:  Why should I choose an AVTACTICAL recording product.


Our recording systems should meet or exceed most departments specified requirements.  We offer secure High Definition recording with proven mobile streaming capability.  All products we offer are manufactured to the highest standards, are easy to operate and are fully upgradeable,  Every product has an inbuilt online service diagnostics ability, that, when connected will allow our service technicians to remotely investigate any potential problem that may have arisen.  Our products strive to be "future proof"  as they are based on custom electronics and industrial grade computing platforms running imbedded software code.  We are capable of making changes to our products as technical requirements change !  We are confident that our products offer more features and functionality than any other interview recording product in the world.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific issue.

Email us at mail@avtactical.com or use our ( preferred ) contact form. 

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