AVTACTICAL/PI Recorders provide a simple to use QWERTY mouse operated interface to enter all interview data.

Our Metadata menu allows for all input information to be attached to recordings as a separate text file. This powerful functionality allows interviewing officers to compile all relevant documentation with the addition of our standard Case Notes functionality. Case notes allow  the investigator  to attach crime scene photographs, criminal history, document scans, .WAV, Mp3 audio and any relevant information that could be germain to your investigation, making one completely secure tamper proof DVD package.

Our system software has been designed with the client in mind. Departmental logo, screen metadata functionality, product language or watermarking can be changed at no extra cost to our clients when ordering any of our systems.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific issue.

Email us at mail@avtactical.com or use our ( preferred ) contact form. 

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