​​AVTACTICAL and PI Recorders can be used in a portable mode or remotely to stream digital interviews from any place in the world to one of our secure systems. System users can operate in remote locations using our secure 128 bit point to point encrypted link transfer.  Real time interaction with the interview is possible.  Applications for this remarkable technology are limitless. All that is required to use our streaming capability is a satellite phone with secure internet connection or a PC with internet access. Live interviews from remote locations are now possible and affordable.    AVTACTICAL/PI Recorders streaming technology offers a significant cost reduction for remote interview recording and surveillance roles.  Sound quality is excellent and video is compiled in Mp4 H264 at an astounding 720p High Definition.


Depending on the duration of the interview, recording capacity and resolution, up to 10 hours recording per DVD is possible. Our stream storage option allows for the transfer of interview data to a data base server. Our system offers a long term mass storage solution for your interview data. AVTACTICAL/PI Recorders are planning future R & D to allow our clients to transition to cloud based technology.

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