As we all know, an unblemished, evidentiary chain-of-custody from interview to court room is one of the bedrock principles of our criminal justice system.  Absent an unambiguous chain-of-custody process there is no way to ensure that the tendered DVD is the exact, same piece of evidence created during the interview.

Every AVTACTICAL/PI recording has several layers of security protection. Theft, use or modification of our systems recordings is not possible. Shouldone of our devices be stolen, our operating system would not be recognised by any known computer software, our Hard Drives are encrypted. Your interviews are  secure. All interview data recorded by our systems have watermarking, unique RSA encryption algorithm key identification. We employ several propriety security technologies so editing or tampering of interviews made on our systems is not possible. Your evidence is secure. Should an attempt be made to modify any recording our key reader will immediately detect and indicate any attempt at evidence tampering. Clients can trace a recording made on our systems down to the device, the disc and the sequence in which it was burned. Our systems offer a great level of security and peace of mind.

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