• AVTACTICAL/PI Recorders can be manufactured in any case style or color our client requires.

  • Product cases are manufactured with 1.7 mm heavy aluminium that is fully powder coated and silk screened to clients specification. 

  • Products can be ordered with rack mounting brackets, optional ABS road cases are also avaliabe sealed and hardened to Military requirements.

  • Product manufacturing is performed in house adhering to the highest quality assurance for total product reliability.

  • System software has been designed for the client in mind. Department logos, screen metadata functionality, product language or watermarking can be changed at no extra cost to our customers when ordering any of our systems.

  • PI Recorders can manufacture products that offer one, two, three,or four disc operation.

  • Products can be ordered with 12 volt DC 110 or 220/240 VAC power supply operation.

  • Systems can accommodate network- analogue - digital HDMI camera operation.

  • Depending on client requirements PI Recorders can manufacture network only or analogue only products.

  • PI Recorders offer a choice of screen size or touch screen operation for products manufactured with built in LCD LED display modules.

  • Systems can accommodate balanced, unbalanced or IP based microphone audio recording.

  • Our Interview products offer either high definition or standard definition video recording capabilities.

  • Our systems are PAL NTSC Compliant

  • Depending on client requirements our R&D department can accommodate most, if not all of your interview system requirements.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific issue.

Email us at mail@avtactical.com or use our ( preferred ) contact form. 

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